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Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Tomball Texas

Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Tomball Texas

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Serving Tomball and Surrounding Areas
Tomball, TX
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Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center
Hospital Grade Hyperbarics

What Can be Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Wound Care
Benefits from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe way to alter the inflammatory process to help wound healing. It minimizes pain, scarring, swelling, and inflammation in the tissue, and has an antibacterial effect. Patients who have this therapy in conjunction with their wound care programs exhibit a shorter recuperation period. For example a patient can expect his/her recovery time to average 4-8 weeks without HBOT and 2-4 weeks with HBOT!

Wound healing is the number one use for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. HBOT has been proven to have dramatic results on the recovery speed, efficiency, and quality of wound healing, even in difficult environments or when combined with diabetic, hypothyroidism, or nicotine users.

About Us

Originally founded by Dr. Robert Stanton and his wife Terri for their son, Joseph who suffered a devastating traumatic brain injury in 2010. HHOC became a center that was focused on providing HBOT for those that could not afford treatment at a local hospital or those with TBI, stroke, and other conditions insurance typically does not cover. HHOC is currently led by Dr. Allison Boyle who oversees as medical director.
The mission is still the same, to provide access to low cost HBOT and help those with off label conditions. Dr. Boyle is a board-certified neurologist specializing in neurology and movement disorders.

We utilize two ASME and PVHO-1 certified monoplace chambers to provide 100% oxygen while we compress the chamber between 1.5 to 3 atmospheres of pressure (7-30psi above current atmospheric pressure). During the treatment you are able to relax and sleep or watch movies.

Our Providers

Dr. Allison Boyle, MD is a board-certified neurologist specializing in neurology, movement disorders, and hyperbarics. Dr. Boyle graduated from the Mcgovern Medical School At The Univ of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2009 and currently practices at Memorial Hermann

Dr. Gene Barclay, DPM is a podiatry specialist, podiatric wound care specialist, and hyperbaric certified. Dr. Barclay graduated from the Barry School of Podiatric Medicine in 2002 in Miami, Florida and is currently affiliated with Memorial Hermann.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or “HBOT” is a prescribed treatment approved by
the FDA and AMA in which a patient breathes 100% medical grade oxygen while under increased pressure. During treatment the patient can relax by watching a movie, listening to music or just rest. It is a non-evasive, safe method of administering pure oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure to a patient in order to improve or correct certain conditions or to increase recovery speed.

How does HBOT work and what are the benefits?
Many illnesses and injuries fail to heal due to inadequate oxygen levels. Reduced blood flow, swelling, and edema or inflammation create an environment that lacks the ability to heal from lack of oxygen reaching the damaged tissue.

Providing oxygen in a pressurized chamber allows the delivery of 10-15 times more oxygen than if it was delivered at sea level or at normal atmospheric pressure. HBOT allows more oxygen into the body under pressure, oxygen dissolves into all of the body’s fluids, including the plasma, the lymphatic fluids, and the cerebrospinal fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord. These fluids can carry the extra oxygen to areas where circulation is poor or blocked, either by trickling past the blockages or by seeping into the affected area. This extra oxygen helps in the healing process and enhances the white blood cells ability to fight infection. It can promote the development of new capillaries, the tiny blood vessels that connect arteries to veins. It also helps the body build new connective tissue.


Great environment, very clean and professional. Brad is super knowledge friendly and only looking out for the best interests for his patients. Would highly recommend checking them out.
-Thomas Boone
The experience with Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center was wonderful. Brad was extremely helpful throughout the process. From helping find a new neurologist to rearranging his schedule to fit my family’s schedule so that my son could be seen. My son experienced an increase in speech and awareness with HBOT.   -Margaret Brimer
Brad and the team are so caring, helpful, and kind. We’ve been coming for several weeks after my husband’s severe stroke. Houston Hyperbaric is one of the few places that have hospital grade hyperbaric chambers available to stroke patients. The treatments have helped tremendously with his healing. We highly recommend them and the hyperbaric treatments for healing stroke and other injuries.   -Leta Fitzgerald
I want to give a really huge thank you to Dr. Boyle's team at Houston HBO Center. I had symptoms from long haul covid or whatever you call it for several months after getting over covid. I had debilitating fatigue and inflammation that was causing severe headaches daily. After 18 sessions it seems like most of my symptoms are completely gone. I can actually function as a normal human again! Treatment was a little expensive, however this seemed to be the only treatment that worked and was completely worth it.   -Jay Stout
I came here after a referral from
my surgeon for a poorly
healing surgical wound. The
team is absolutely amazing!
They are so knowledgeable
and incredibly kind. The
treatments are actually
affordable compared with
going to a hospital and having
such great people on staff
made the experience
- Bridgette Longoria
If you are experiencing cost/insurance
issues around this critical treatment
this is the best and least expensive
facilities in the State of Texas.
Highly recommend!

- Deron Miller

       Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center
 18525 West Lake Houston Pkwy, Suite 104
Humble, TX, 77346

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