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Blissful Waters Float Center in Tomball TX

Blissful Waters Float Center in Tomball TX

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(281) 978-4037
2408 Timberloch Place, Suite D4
The Woodlands, TX  77378
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Blissful Waters Float Center is a mind-body destination providing premium flotation and sensory deprivation therapy in The Woodlands, Texas.
Offering a place to restore and unplug from our hectic lives.

Blissful Waters offers true sensory isolation where your brain can relax & meditate – even achieving the elusive theta state by floating in a shallow pool of water isolating your mind from the multi-tasking & stimuli of everyday life. No sound, no light, no gravity.


2408 Timberloch Place, Suite D4
The Woodlands, Texas 77378

Now Offering Wellness Products!
Smudge Sticks
Purify your sacred space with Sage!
Sage Sticks are perfect for smudging your space and telling negative energy to get lost.
We offer many different mushroom varieties such as Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and more!
Bath Soaks
Soak away your worries with our 100% Natural Blend of High-Grade Epsom Salts & Essential Oils.
Tinctures & Adaptogens
Extracted twice & triple filtered botanical tinctures crafted from certified organic herbs and certified organic cane alcohol (gluten free).

If you’ve been experiencing the true magic of floating from consistent sessions (or are thinking about making it a regular practice), consider becoming a Blissful Waters Member.

Here’s why…

It has a few perks:
🟢 Membership holders can share credits
🟢 Unused credits rollover into the following month
🟢 Members can turn their credits into a gift card
🟢 Complimentary O2 bar with essential oils + CBD
🟢 CBD Houston products are 15% off
But most importantly, members pay much less for their float experience.
For example, four single 60-minute float tank sessions cost $356—but members only pay $200 ($156 in savings)!
Plus, your membership gets you a HUGE discount on *extra* services, such as:

    $35 $15 brain tap sessions, which
    $40 $20 sauna or cold therapy sessions

If you’re interested in becoming a Blissful Waters member, just  give us a call at 281-978-4037.

Individual Floats
Float for 60 or 90 minutes in our state of the art float rooms.

Explore Float Therapy
Discover the benefits that floating has on the mind and body.

Float Packages
Float blissfully all month long and sign up for one of our discounted packages.

Take advantage of one of our float packages. Gift Certificates available!

Contrast Therapy
Contrast therapy involves exposing the body to a contrast of temperatures, i.e. hot then cold and we achieve this with our Cold Plunge and Infrared Sauna.

Brain Training
We offer Brain Tap, Classes, Group Meditation, and Yoga Nidra

Complimentary Alkaline Water or Herbal Tea after floating

Floating regularly can help alleviate symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, including chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful joints.

Imagine floating in a shallow pool of water in true sensory isolation, complete silence where your brain can relax and meditate – even achieving the elusive theta state. Alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, relieve pain and much more.
Floating provides you with the perfect environment to unplug from your over stimulated environment and offers a complete relaxation experience to recharge, heal and detoxify.

Health Benefits of Floating
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Improves Back & Neck Pain
  • Helps Relieve Chronic Pain
  • Replenishes Magnesium
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Improves Mental Clarity
  • Aids Recovery from Injury or Surgery
 Click Here To Learn More About
The Benefits of Floating

We are strictly following CDC guidelines for your health and safety.

Continue to de-stress and relax in our post float lounge. Feel free to hang out, read, chat, or just bask in your post-float glow. Stay as long or as little as you like after your float is over.

Watch this video to see inside a Blissful Waters float room & learn more!

What Our Clients Say

I floated for the first time today and it was an amazing experience. The staff took me step by step through the process and made me feel very comfortable. The massage chair before and the oxygen after the float completed my experience. With my heavy workout load, the Epsom salts soothed my muscle pains. I have never felt this relaxed.  ~Andrea

    Incredible first time float experience!!  Spa atmosphere and spa experience from the time you walk in. So thankful to have found this place! Awesome membership options, as well!!  ~Tiffany

    My husband gifted me this experience for my birthday. What a beautiful journey.  The owner was amazing informative and very calming. I can’t wait to go back and go deeper in the float!  ~Heather

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract is now available, which is great for cognitive health, as well as potent antiviral and antibacterial properties.
We also sell CBD products that help with anxiety, pain, and calms a busy mind. Visit our website or ask us for more information when you come in to float.

Call Us For An Appointment Today!

2408 Timberloch Place, Suite D4
The Woodlands, Texas 77378

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